Try it Out...On Learning

Gold Miners 2012 - Money Making and Not Expensive

Sell the Trades, Hold the Business Models

Lessons from the Last Bear

A Walk in the Sand

Views on Change

I Can Sleep on Windy Nights

Valuation and Growth Approaches in the Current Market

Once Bitten, Twice Shy


Expanding the Circle of Competence

Distractions for Fundamentals Value Investors


An Important Learning Sentence from Warren’s 2010 Letter

Clash of the Titans - The 2009 Banking Version

NCR Corporation: Defined Benefit Nightmare

The Timing of Fear and Greed

Know Your Intrinsic Values

A Few Lessons from the Past 7 Months

Eric Houssels' shareholder letter; Two Companies Built to Endure and Prosper in Financial Crisis


Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Investments I Learned at the Racetrack Part III

Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Investments I Learned at the Racetrack -- Part II

Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Investments I Learned at the Racetrack -- Part I

Accumulated Novelty: the Hairdresser Phenomenon

The Bears Came Out – a Pep Talk

Single-mindedness of Model: the Problem with Model-based Decision-making

Canterbury Park: Off to the Races….. Someday

The Power of Doing: The Lesson of Light Switches

The Falling Knife

On Promoters – a Tale of Caution

A Reluctant Look from the Top Down

Walmart: How Can All These People Be Wrong?

The art of selling

"Too Much Information"

Ben Graham's Warning on Extrapolation: Where Are We Now?

The Gambler


steer brand leather jacket

The Graveyard

General Electric


Irwin Financial

Land America Financial

Pinnacle Airlines

Redwood Trust

Sears Holdings

Six Flags


Whole Foods, Hole (in the) Wallet

Good Reads
An excellent game of logic
Analogizing the Western world’s 21st century great challenge with one of the great epics of all-time
A thought-provoker on basic happiness
A great, true story on paying attention to what is around us, at all times
An important piece on challenging the emotional and the popular with facts and sound reasoning
Warren Buffett’s letters to shareholders
Eddie Lampert’s messages to shareholders



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