You were my first mistake,
And I made you twice.
Bought high, sold low,
A bad roll of the dice.

Warren brought the tip,
Impressed with your biz,
So I flipped the pages
And followed the great wiz.

Results were decent,
I was not worried,
And then the attorneys struck
The asbestos death knell - BK was hurried!

I had the bonds.
I had the stock.
I lost my cool
And sold in a big block.
Mistake number one
Was this sale so low.
The BK was strategic.
The biz was not to blow.

Off the screen you went,
And as time passed by,
Justice was to be served,
Your stock to climb sky high.

Mistake number two occurred here,
For, miss you I did.
Upset at our first trip,
I failed to bid.

USG, fair USG,
A place in my heart have you.
You are forever to be my first mistake,
And I made it twice...P U!