Six Flags

Six Flags
You were the sure-fire turnaround home run.
Great assets, great management, great owners,
Boy, this was gonna be fun!

Daniel the moneymaker with the vision,
At the helm was the talented, energetic Mark.
A four or five-bagger conservatively
Was in store for the grand, old park.

There was but one small problem,
Nothing to worry I was sure.
A teeny bit of debt accrued,
Nothing our wild success would certainly not cure.

The third quarters came,
And the results were improved.
But the interest remained uncovered,
And downward, downward all your securities moved.

I bought more.
This must be the floor.
And why not the preferred?
That's gotta be rock-solid to the core.

Wrong, wrong was I
Sadly I confess.
And, while I still cling to a hint of hope,
I truly wish I had never got into this mess!